img_2547My name is Tomislav Zidar, but as I discover new ways to express myself, I give myself a new name. Now you can call me Djuvedj Djuvedjevich.

One of my games is to disassemble daily used objects such as telephones, toasters, shaving devices, computer parts, old toys, and typewriters, shortly, almost anything somebody rejected or gave to me to recycle. When torn into pieces, the objects reveal new shapes and start giving me ideas what they can be transformed into.

It all started as an idea when I ran out of materials doing little Fimo (some kind of plastic) sculptures, I started integrating pieces of junk from a table and connecting them to fimo mass structures. The starting material was forgotten in couple of days, and new ways to connect body parts started to evolve.

As I grew up playing with Lego toys, I just continued the long forgotten experience…

The whole thing has possessed my life for the past six years, and I play a lot with my little robot shaped toys, so somehow I started to show them to other people and it seems that they like them.

Anyway, the whole point is recycling anything that can be recycled, and most of the things can, maybe not toilet paper or condoms, but we can keep on trying.

Result of this kind of game is never ending creative playing, and applying recycling to all aspects of living, even art…